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"I have been a martial artist for over 28 years now, so when I made a decision to get my son involved within the martial arts community at the age of 5, you could be sure I did my research in where and who I wanted to teach my son. John Tague has a unique approach in teaching children, his skill and technique as a Shotokan black belt helped pave the way in being, in my opinion, one of, if not the best Sensei to teach children as a group, or individually in private lessons. In today’s age, we must have an individual who can understand our kids while at the same time teaching them the survival skills that will prevent them in becoming victims of crime. With an impeccable ethic behind his teaching mixed with a good heart, John Tague’s teaching insures growth for your children not only within the martial arts, but life as well. John’s motto "talk to the children and not at them", reassures the kids they have not only a teacher, but a friend as well… MY SON CAN’T WAIT TO GET TO THE NEXT CLASS AND YOUR CHILD WILL FEEL THE SAME."
David Tadman Writer. Producer. Bruce Lee Historian
”John Tague has worked with our son, Jack, since 2005. Jack is 9 years old and has been diagnosed with serious emotional disorders, including ADHD and Child-onset Bipolar Disorder. John teaches Jack karate privately twice a week. John has worked wonders with Jack. John has been able to strike the right balance of firmness and caring, such that Jack both respects and listens to John, and loves karate. Jack’s accomplishments in karate have been a source of pride and self-esteem. Karate has provided Jack with an important outlet for aggression and a means of learning focus and self-discipline. It was a very good day in Jack’s life when John became his teacher. We recommend John without hesitation or qualification.”
James Sanders & Carolyn Kubota
”John is one of the best karate teachers we've seen. His instructional style is informative, disciplined, challenging and fun. Sensei John demands and gives respect to the children and that translates into other areas of their lives. We can't believe how our daughter has grown in both inner and outer strength. Her sense of self and her confidence have grown exponentially since beginning karate. Thank you, Sensei John!”
Maura Soden & Michael Loftus
“Sensei John's Karate is easily one of the most important experiences of our daughters life. In the three years our daughter has studied with Sensei John she has gained a tremendous amount of self-discipline, power and poise. Sensei John's control and strength in the class is well earned and well respected by all students. The impressive control he exerts coupled with his remarkable ability to convey even the most specific of instructions creates an environment of awe, consistency and success. You would be hard pressed to find any other environment where a child could so profoundly touch their own sense of power and sense of dignity."
Shannon Branham
“John takes sugar-addled maniacs like my son and gets them to stand still- without a whip! John actually loves what he's doing; teaching self-discipline and building character, all with a firm voice and a joyful twinkle in his eye. In anyone else's hands the class would be like a box of Ferrets on a hot stove; John gets our kids to perform, heck he even gets them to meditate! Having John in our life is like having a cool Uncle for my kids-- teaching life lessons they'd never listen to if they came from me. He never talks down to the kids and treats each student, whether boy or girl, with equal respect.”
Rick Parks
“Sensei John serves not only as a gifted teacher to our children, but as someone who they look up to and respect as well. Sensei John motivates my children to find the best within themselves! Sensei John is a role model to our children, they think he is an awesome teacher as well as the coolest guy ever!!! Sensei John's classes are the best, the students leave with a knowledge of karate as well as a better sense of self confidence.”
Andrew & Regina Fenady

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