Sensei John's Mission

Goal / Mission
Sensei John’s Karate promotes Self Defense and Wellness to the community through a practical application of Shotokan Karate and Physical Fitness.

To provide the community with quality Martial Arts instruction for all ages and genders.

To teach self-control and alternatives to violence through weekly classes by providing youths with the basic skill sets to avoid violence and the perpetration of group or individual violence through a Karate regimen and meditation.

To educate families in the art of self defense and train them to recognize violent incidents, and to prevent them, before happening.

To deliver educational materials, information, references, and resources to at risk youths and their family members.

Process/ Tasks

Sensei John Tague, 1st Degree Shotokan Karate-do Black Belt with an expertise in teaching children, will conduct and implement all program steps.

Classes will be an on-going, weekly class, which will last for one hour. The classes would start with a 15 minute warm up consisting of calisthenics and stretching for strength and mental focus followed by traditional Karate instruction including blocks, kicks, punching and stances and performance Kata. Private instruction is also available.


The goal of John Tague’s Karate program is to produce well rounded Martial Artists who can not only defend themselves but who can also live by the excellent values and life skills that come with a solid Karate program.

Students will be able to contribute back to society by being living examples of the virtuous aspect of the Martial Arts and not the violent, distorted image created by the media.

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