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Sensei John's Karate is not your average after-school activity. Sensei John's Karate is an exciting, challenging and disciplined activity for kids ages 6 and up. Located in the heart of the Sherman Oaks - Los Angeles, CA area, these fun, focused, and regimented classes will teach your child the fundamentals of Japanese Shotokan Karate.

Through their practice of this martial art they will learn the most valuable lessons and virtues in life: Courage, Courtesy, Integrity, Humility, Self Control and Respect. You will be amazed at how quickly your child will apply these lessons in their life and schoolwork!

Self Confidence and a "Never Give Up" attitude will replace the malaise of television and video games. Through Sensei John's Karate your child will become a healthy and peaceful warrior. Unlike other children's karate programs, Sensei John's Karate does not play games or reward children for just showing up. That method only provides a false sense of achievement.

Only through dedicated and diligent study will the child earn their Black Belt. At Sensei John's Karate the Karate is the fun part! Come in for a free lesson and let the journey begin!

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